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Best road trip routes

Very often for those who love the open road, it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey and how they choose to get there. TomTom knows this all too well and has developed a free platform for drivers to discover the best roads, and find and book the best places to eat and stay thanks to its collaboration with TripAdvisor.

By accessing the website, whoever wants to go on a road trip can browse through more than 90 selected routes around the world, from the the impressive Amalfi Coast in Italy to the wonderful Great Ocean Road in Australia.

Road trips
Road trips

The platform’s geolocation feature allows you to find the closest routes to where you are and gives you the option to choose the type of route you’re looking for whether it’s coastal roads, through forests, mountains, historical routes or breathtaking roads.

You can search for roads by destinations, select different countries, personalise your routes, and check the different places recommended by other drivers before making a stop for a rest or to grab a bite to eat. Once you register on the platform, you can also sync the routes with different devices and share them with other users.

ruta66 USA
ruta66 USA

In Spain, for example, there are find five different proposals for organising your trips where the open road is the main incentive: The sensational roads in the south, unique spots along the coast of Galicia, the historical heart of Spain, the Basque Country through one of its main routes and the winding curves on the roads through Cap de Formentor in Majorca.

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Now you have a new, easier and well-ordered alternative to plan your road trips using this new digital option, which is added to other existing platforms with more routes like, and



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