Discover the UK,s coolest city : Bristol


Bristol city is located in the southeast of England, just an hour’s train ride from Wales and two hours from London. The city has become hugely popular in the last decade, making it what it is today: Europe’s cultural and environmental showcase.

Good vibes, open mentality and picturesque streets have earned Bristol ”The UK’s Best City to Live & Work” on no fewer than four consecutive occasions. The city sits on top of seven hills by the banks of the River Avon (yes, the same place where the famous cosmetics brand comes from).

A prestigious university and its multicultural environment turned Bristol into a ‘trendy’ city, a title it nevertheless resists, without ever losing its independent spirit.  Banksy, one of the world’s most famous graffiti artists is also believed to hail from Bristol and has been leaving his mark on his hometown’s streets, walls, and bridges for over a decade.

It’s also the birthplace of the famous actor Cary Grant, who is now depicted in a life-sized bronze statue in the city centre, and the inspiration of authors like Lord Byron.

The best thing about this city is that Bristol is a melting pot and meeting place for all walks of life. Everyone is welcome and made to feel at home. The climate is not ideal, but as it’s in the south of the country, the weather is somewhat better than in the rest of the country, and temperatures seldom fall below zero degrees.

So grab a warm coat and a pair of comfortable shoes because there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Bristol!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

One of Bristol’s most recognisable landmarks, which took a staggering 110 years to be completed and connects the city with the North Somerset area. The bridge’s structure is hugely impressive and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Bristol suspension bridge at sunset

Clifton Village

One of the city’s most charming neighbourhoods with small, upmarket shops and boutiques, parks, Victorian houses with steep-pitched roofs… this is one of the wealthiest districts of the city where you can live and feel the elegant English atmosphere while enjoying afternoon tea and scones.


An attractive and lively area in the city that runs parallel to the Avon River, offering a great selection of markets, restaurants, watersports (weather permitting), and a great place to start a night out. As a curious side note, Harbourside is also home to Zsa-Zsa Bazar, Europe’s largest buffet restaurant.

College Green

For a whole host of reasons, this is one of the city’s best-known parks. Bristol’s City Hall and beautiful 12th-century Cathedral are both found on College Green, along with the Central Library, the city’s main library, whose beauty rivals that of the Cathedral itself.

As soon as the sun comes out, the area quickly fills with young people who gather to have fun, chill out and enjoy the region’s traditional cider.

College_Green_and_Council_House – copia

City Centre

It comes as no surprise that this is the city’s top shopping district. You’ll find plenty of street stalls, fast food restaurants and even upmarket fashion and jewellery stores in the Cabot Circus shopping centre. Without a doubt, this is one of the city’s best meeting points.

Stokes Croft

This area represents Bristol’s resistance to gentrification, which is threatening to turn the city into a second London. The neighbourhood’s fighting spirit achieved a significant milestone when the omnipotent supermarket chain Tesco abandoned its plans to open a supermarket in the area as the neighbours felt it would destroy local businesses.

The Cantine café, bar, restaurant and music venue is a great spot to check out and welcomes everyone with open arms.


Bedminster is a working-class area that we can’t exactly describe as attractive, but it’s undoubtedly a curious reflection of the traditional England, where there’s no shortage of fish and chips, low-cost chains like Poundland and even a huge ASDA that’s open 24-hours a day for those with a dose of the munchies after leaving the pub.




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