Do you need a van? Do you dream about travelling in a motor home? Do it for €1


From February onwards, the one-euro vehicle rental platform will increase its range of vans, caravans and minivans

DriiveMe, the one-euro vehicle rental company, has taken another stride forward in the van and motorhome rental sector for companies and individuals in Spain and Portugal. The French platform focuses on this type of vehicles and has signed agreements with new van rental companies to broaden its portfolio of vehicles.

Are you moving home? Do you need to lug your old junk somewhere? Planning on going on a coastal trip and sleeping in your own vehicle?

Perhaps your thinking about taking the whole family on a mountain getaway. Whatever your plans, DriiveMe’s increased range of vans, motorhomes and minivans makes everything easier for you. All you need to do is visit their website or download their app, and you’re only a click away from a vast range of these vehicles that can be rented for as little as €1.

“We made a decision to focus on new markets. We are constantly looking to expand, and the van and motorhome market provides a new service to our clients” declared Constantin Lambert, Country Manager of the company in Spain and Portugal.

DriiveMe has become one of the most popular mobility solutions in Spain due to its price and a sizeable portfolio of vehicles. All their vehicles, including up-to-nine-seat cars, motorhomes and vans, cost one euro to rent and include fully comprehensive insurance. The platform also provides the option to set a desired route alert, which allows you to receive an alert when vehicles become available.

The French company now operates in Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom, and aims to enter the German and Italian markets in the coming months. DriiveMe’s expansion process has also entailed the purchase of the Spanish start-up, 1Rent.

How does DriiveMe work?

DriiveMe acts as a middle-man between rental agencies, who need to return their vehicles to their garage of origin, and individual users who are looking to rent a vehicle at a low price. Brothers Alexandre and Geoffrey Lambert launched DriiveMe in France in 2012, with the third brother, Constantin, bringing the service to Spain and Portugal in 2017.

The DriiveMe platform is available online and via a mobile application. The process for renting a car is very similar to a normal renting process: the driver registers on the platform and then chooses the vehicle and the date and time on which he will pick it up from the options available. Once the route has been reserved, which costs a token €1, all the driver needs to do is pay the toll fees (if there are any) and any fuel required.

If the available options do not correspond with the user’s plans, they have the option to create a personalised alert that will let them know when the route becomes available on DriiveMe.


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