Enjoy a relaxing Spa in the snow


With winter just around the corner, many people are looking forward to enjoying the snow, and the search for spa hotels with something for everyone and spectacular views rises steeply. Treatments, massages and après ski activities are enjoyed by all in and around the ski resorts.

Everyone loves the snow, some of us like the feeling of being outdoors, experiencing the cold and enjoying après ski evening entertainment, while others prefer it “from the sidelines” while enjoying relaxing treatments in spa hotels with spectacular views.

The offer is extensive and diverse but today we going to focus on some hotels that caught our attention for their spellbinding charm. First up in the Aragonese Pyrenees is the El Privilegio de Tena Hotel & Spa, you can book suites with a private jacuzzi, and the spa offers a counter-current heated pool with a sauna and steam room. A warm and welcoming atmosphere which spans over into the relaxation area where you can avail of treatments and energetic, anti-stress and slimming massages.

In Girona, we have the Resguard Dels Vents hotel-spa which offers an attractive rural option that’s perfect to enjoy the views of the valley. Its complete spa offers a Scottish shower, heated marble slabs, Finnish Sauna, massage area…

Guests also have a cosy lounge with a fireplace to enjoy on the coldest of evenings as they admire the views of the snow-covered surroundings.

Hotel Villa Oniria is located in the centre of Granada in a beautiful old 19th-century mansion. The hotel has spectacular views of the city, and although it’s not at the foot of the slopes, it’s ideally located for everyone: both those who want to head up to the ski resort and those who prefer to wander around and enjoy the charm of Granada’s historic centre.

Its Spa&Fitness area is designed primarily to “fuel all five senses” with a thermal circuit that includes an effects pool, steam baths and bi-thermal showers.

For customers who love Baqueira, we’ve chosen the Casa Irene Hotel&Spa, which is just 6km from the ski slopes and offers an intimate space with just 22 rooms. Its secret lies in providing friendly service in a warmly decorated ambience. Its spa features a hammam, relaxation area, contrast showers, massages and treatments.

This is just a small example of several of the places where you can enjoy the warmth of a spa and some fun in the snow.

Most of them are located in the Pyrenees area, where you can find up to fifteen ski resorts, with Aragon and Catalonia being the communities that have greater infrastructure for these sports.

Although the seasons are shorter due to lower rainfall, you can also find several ski resorts in the Central System, in fact, there are four between the Community of Madrid and Segovia.

Conditions are less favourable in the Iberian System, although you can find a few mountain ranges where it’s possible to ski along and  there are also some ski slopes with artificially fed snow.

In the south, Sierra Nevada is the reference point for skiers who can choose from a large number of slopes and the beauty of the Veleta, which is the third highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula.


Pure fun

In addition to enjoying ski and spa sessions, many people don’t want to miss out on a single ‘après ski’, a French term that literally means after skiing and includes everything from drinking a beer to flirting or busting some moves on the dance floor.

Evening out, dinners or watching the sunset from strategic locations are some of the other activities regularly enjoyed by both pro and novice skiers.


Benefits of skiing

As well as being great fun, skiing regularly adds to your social life because of the friendly atmosphere and shared group experiences.

  • Exercises all muscle groups
  • Increases cardiovascular endurance
  • Burns calories and helps to lose weight
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Manages stress and anxiety

Benefits of spa treatments

Let’s take a look at some of the multiple benefits from SPA treatments.

Steam baths:

– The high temperatures open pores and help to release toxins and cleanse the skin

– The heat accelerates metabolic functions and stimulates the hormonal and nervous system

– Works as an expectorant if you have a cough or sinusitis


Helps with muscle pain

Minimises the pain of arthritis and stress on joints

–  Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

– Lowers blood pressure

– A 20-minute session helps you to sleep better


  Swimming in a counter-current pool:

  • Improves strength, resistance and flexibility
  • Your heart and lungs benefit from using all the muscle groups
  • Keeps joints flexible, especially the neck, shoulders and pelvis
  • Increases motor coordination and the risk of falls for the elderly
  • Swimming between 3 and 5 times a week will improve your aerobic capacity


Thermal circuit:

Thermal circuits are based on hydrotherapy and using water at different pressure levels and temperatures.

-Short uses are invigorating

-Longer uses are soothing

-Using hot water for more extended periods decongests the body by relaxing it completely

– Releases muscular and psychological tension

– Balances the immune system


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