If you’re a digital tourist, these apps are for you!


If you’re a digital tourist who prefers to use technology to get ready for your holidays, then these apps will help you out.

Technology is proven to be the best ally when it comes to planning for the best possible trip, from boarding passes on your phone, to search engines for accommodation, translation software, digital wallets and tour guides.

Here are some apps we recommend to make planning your next trip a breeze.

Where to go

Do you want to know if the hotel or beach you want to visit really match the photos in the brochures or on the website? Then check out Oyster, a company sends specialist staff to hotels around the world to take photographs and make independent and trustworthy reviews. Yelp is another platform you can use to check opinions from friends and users on restaurants. If you want to take a look and get a real idea of the places you plan to visit, then Google Street View is the best tool.

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Which flight

The In the Air app keeps you up to date on all four stages of your flight: check-in, boarding, takeoff and landing; as well as estimating how long each stage will take. If you combine this search with the data on GateGuru, you’ll know the average check-in time at airport counters, as well as the airport restaurants with the best food.

If you want to follow flights in real time, as well as get information on departures, cancellations and delays, we recommend Flightradar.

Where to stay

Whether you want to plan your trip in advance or you make it up as you go, Trivago, HomeToGo, Holidu and Hundred Rooms are all apps that will help you find the best accommodation options as they compare prices across millions of hotels, houses and apartments around the world. HotelTonight offers something similar, and you can use the app to book hotels for the same day.

How to get around

If you want to get an idea of where you are and calculate journeys between two locations, we recommend Rome2Rio. If you want a plan a trip with the best walks, then Sidekix is what you are looking for.

If you want to download maps, save them and use them offline, you’ll love Mapsme. Meanwhile, Citymapper provides all the public transport information you need for more than 30 countries.

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What to say

If you need a simultaneous translator for conversations between two languages, SayHi is the app for you. It works for spoken language and is available for more than 100 languages and dialects. The best known mobile interpreter, Google, is also an excellent option, as it can translate more than 100 languages, 38 in camera mode and 59 without requiring an internet connection.

Managing your trip

The Expensify app will help you calculate your trip expenses, scan receipts of purchases and synchronise your credit and debit cards; it also includes a currency converter and a mileage calculator.

Google Trips groups together the reservations you need for flights, hotel reservations and events, with no need for an internet connection.

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Now you have all these tools at your fingertips, it’s time to plan your next trip and focus on enjoying your trip!

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