Revamping vacations, beyond the trip


Our holiday habits are continuously changing, just like in many other aspects of our lives. The holiday model we previously wanted is now succumbing to new formulas more in keeping with the times we’re living in. We now want sensory satisfaction that also deepens our experiences as we enjoy them.

This happens to us with our daily leisure-time activities too, where we request a service that continuously provides us with more quality of life but if we consider holidays, as it’s an even more special moment, those who choose training, whether for the body or mind, as an important part of their health, are becoming more discerning and searching for something more than a holiday.

So, take note if you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest and leading innovations in revamping holidays and leisure-time activities.

Healthy vacations for your body and mind.

Up to now our way of enjoying holidays was to explore new places and relax, but now we’re also searching for that something extra that can benefit our health through personal training and experiences geared towards inner development.

Making your exotic holidays a time for leisure, sports and health is now also possible. There are already some examples of this type of innovative products on the market, and we expect to gradually see more of them arriving in the future.

BlueBay Hotels is one of the pioneers in this area and is now offering Blue Diamond Retreat luxury healthy vacations.

Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel. Retreat

Retreat combines outdoor leisure experiences with physical, mindfulness and spiritual activities with a complete 6-day plan of activities at its Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel in the Riviera Maya. Specialised personal trainers work to revitalise and reinvigorate us, striving to ensure we enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings without ever forcing us to renounce on comforts.

Several new developments appear in the training programme, including experiences in physical development, locations, group development, combined exercises, wellness coaching and a combination of leisure and health, making it a complete and perfect plan this summer, from June 19-24.

When it comes to gaining a deeper insight into the activities included, we’d also like to mention that the more traditional training sessions have also been given an overhaul and upgraded.

1. Experiental training

Beyond the sheer exercise and constant practice, what is really enjoyed when doing sport is the experiental factor that’s evident in different aspects like the fact of being able to share it with a group or family, experiencing new things, meeting new people, feel capable of overcoming new physical challenges and discovering new and unique locations.


This very need by clients to sense the experiental during training is what has led clubs and sports centres to take activities outside the four walls of the gym and include outdoor activities and adventures.

To further encourage a rapport among their members, they organise them into groups of fans of a particular sport to strengthen collaboration and improve their experience.


2. Fusion or Combo Classes

Combos or the fusion of collective classes are classes that combine several fitness activities in one single session but in an innovative way.

RENOVACION VACACIONAL 4This involves doing exercises that mix several different activities throughout the entire session or bringing together exercises from different disciplines, where the transition between both causes a different result to doing them separately.

So, for example, combining disciplines like ballet and fitness develops into balletfit, the same goes for bodycombat or crossfit that originally came from different disciplines but now work as one.

3. Performance and effectiveness.

There’s a need to maximise the effectiveness of exercise and minimise the time spent, and this has led to the success of disciplines such as HIIT as it provides an increase in resistance as optimises the ability to burn fat and glucose.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training technique, is short, intense periods of exercise, paired with low-intensity active recovery periods.


Due to the combination of speeds and levels of effort, the discipline can accelerate our metabolism for more than 24 hours, leading to our bodies burning fat throughout the day.

This search for increased effectiveness and fat burning is spawning different varieties of HIIT that are rapidly being added to many of the fitness programmes in the most innovative gyms that wish to guarantee high performance in their users’ workouts.


4. Wellness Coach, more than a personal trainer.

When deciding on the type of sports exercise to do, we’re looking to maximise efficiency, we ask for professional help to prepare us, we want the personal trainer to be able to work in other areas apart from physical exercise, so this figure is evolving into another more complete one.

RENOVACION VACACIONAL 3Not only does the wellness coach optimally control our sports training, but they also observe our habits and lifestyle, recommend health behaviour changes and progressively help us reach full development and improvements in our quality of life.

This means having a continuous guide when making decisions to improve our health. In addition to bettering our habits, we become more aware of them and what they mean, and this makes us see that our own care is more than just the goal. It’s a satisfaction in itself.


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