Spend the december bank holiday in London

Imagen de la zona de Covent Garden con iluminación navideña.

The December bank holiday is a great chance to travel to London, a city that celebrates Christmas with a special intensity. Among the fun things to see and do are Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, and Winter Wonderland.

Travelling to London is always a fresh experience. The British capital is full of life and offers such an unbeatable range of leisure and cultural options that visiting it once is never enough.

The December bank holiday is a great time to visit. It’s sufficiently close to Christmas to let you enjoy the city’s festive vibe, with musical performances, impressive light shows, and eye-catching shop displays on every corner. Will you join us?

Since it’s a holiday season, you’ll need to book your flights early. The low-cost airlines usually offer great fares to the UK, but they do tend to take advantage of this particular bank holiday to make their money.

Once you’ve made it to the English capital, you’ll need to have a full schedule of activities planned so you can make the most of your trip.

Classical that never dissapoints

One option is to start with the landmark attractions, although that doesn’t make them any less impressive. Seeing Big Ben will remind you to adjust to the time difference – the famous clock is located on the northeast side of Westminster Palace and has been the largest 4-faced clock in the world since it was built in 1859.

Another classic visit is to Trafalgar Square, a popular square in the centre of London commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar. You’re definitely going to find it full of people, but it’s that constant hubbub that makes it so attractive. Popular opinion seems to agree that a photo beside the impressive lion sculptures under Nelson’s Column is a must.

The most elegant among you will want to visit St. James’s, a fashionable district for fashionable people, all clad in the latest designer outfits. It’s pretty much guaranteed that Santa Claus will wish you a Merry Christmas in London and select restaurants and shops. The area is close to the very old Regent’s Park, which can be added to your list of things to see in the area.

Another option for spending the day is Hyde Park, one of London’s nine royal parks and often considered the “Lungs of London”. It is home to more than 4000 trees and is an ideal place to get some much-needed peace and quiet. You can stroll or ride a bike around this giant, car and traffic-free space, something that children, especially, will enjoy.

Another curiosity in Hyde Park is the so-called Speaker’s Corner, a spot in the northeast of the park where, on Sunday mornings, eccentric individuals gather to narrate diverse and colourful stories. It’s a lovely experience for all.

Another district that deserves a stop is Covent Garden, with its popular market in the central square surrounded by stalls selling handmade products.

The younger ones in your group might want to stay on the ground if you decide to visit the London Eye, a 135 metre-tall Ferris wheel that offers spectacular views of the capital. The views at this time of the year are especially pretty, full of twinkling lights and glittering ice rinks.

Thamesis River

From the London Eye, you’ll also be able to see the Thames, which we recommend you discover by boat. There is a huge range of tours in all types of vessels, ranging from short trips to dinner and a show sailing down the river.

Children will be especially enchanted by the themed Winter Wonderland park, a festive celebration that takes place in November and December. It features international food vendors, raffles, ice rinks, and more in magical surroundings that will make you feel like you’re in a Christmas movie.

London offers a never-ending range of possibilities that you couldn’t possibly fully experience during the December bank holiday, but once you’ve seen just how much fun you can have, you’ll be more than happy to go back for another visit!


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