The electric scooter: the new king of urban mobility


Europe’s main cities are witnessing a surge in a new form of personal mobility. This new vehicle operates in the urban ecological jungle and is both small and versatile. They are officially referred to as Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV), with their increasing popularity and huge market penetration supported by laws and regulations. Electric scooters have arrived on the scene, with a couple of models already starting to exert their dominance.

The electric scooter has become an alternative form of transport to the methods usually found in the city. Besides being efficient and practical, they are considerably cheaper than other existing forms of transport.

The safety of electric scooters – for riders and passengers and pedestrians on the road alike – is something of a controversial issue in Spain, with 273 accidents involving electric scooters occurring last year alone, of which 5 produced fatalities

The most popular model in the biggest Spanish cities is the Xiaomi M365. An example of ingenious Chinese manufacturing, costing around 350 euros.

This very competitive vehicle weighs only 12.5kg, making it one of the lightest in its category. It has LED lights, with a reliable brake on the left lever and accelerator on the right lever. Its handlebars comprise a small, built-in screen displaying basic usage information.

This screen has up to six different display options, with an interface like that of the manufacturer’s mobile application.

Its weight, screw-based folding system and turning safety mechanism mean that this scooter can be prepared for carrying on another form of transport in a matter of seconds.

We must point out that this scooter is only suitable for individuals who weigh no more than 100 kilograms and who are no taller than 2 metres. It can reach a top speed of 25 km/h, dropping to 15/km is you choose to ride in eco mode. When fully charged, it can travel around 45 kilometres without needing further charging.

Considering the soaring popularity of this product, some car manufacturers have started hunting for clients in this market. Seat, for example, has recently launched the eXS KickScooter.

This model can be purchased for around 600 euros, which is a bit more expensive than the first model mentioned in this article. This scooter has front and rear shock absorbers, which reduce ride stiffness.

This scooter can cover around 50 kilometres on a single charge, with a charge time of around 4 hours. The accelerator and brake have the same shape but are distinguished by colour.

Regarding the product’s safety, this Seat scooter sends a warning to the owner via its mobile app if someone is picking up or moving the scooter without authorisation. This safety system also includes remote light activation, which serves as an alarm.

In addition to the two scooters mentioned above, there are many highly comfortable and practical products available on the market. We will perform a detailed comparison of these scooters in future articles.

If you live in a big city, you now have the option of parking your car in the outskirts. All you need to do is take your scooter out of the boot and ride the final few kilometres into the centre on this fashionable vehicle.


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