Treat yourself this Valentine’s


The day of love has arrived. Roses, chocolates, cards, blind dates and couples engaging in public displays of affection. But if you’re single, why not show yourself how much you love yourself? If this idea sounds appealing, here are a few options that you may be tempted by:

Gastronomic experience:

We’re sure you’ll have a single friend who will love this idea. Treat yourself and try that tasting menu that you’ve always fancied but never splashed out on because of its price. Come on, it’s a special occasion! We recommend Kava in Marbella, whose chef, Fernando Alcalá, has been awarded the “Revelation Chef 2019” prize, which offers a selection of à la carte options based on fresh seasonal produce as well as a tasting menu.

Cranial sacral massage:

Stress is something that affects almost all of us, making a cranial sacral massage one of the best ways to treat yourself. This treatment helps to release built-up tensions via the application of pressure, friction and gentle kneading of the scalp, restoring your energy levels and improving your wellbeing. You can get a cranial sacral massage in any physiotherapy centre, and it usually lasts for about half an hour.

A quick getaway:

Have you ever tried travelling solo? Everyone should give it a go at least once in their life. We’re obviously going to push the romantic destinations aside in favour of something slightly wilder. How about discovering Amsterdam by bike, without having to look over your shoulder every 10 seconds to check that your partner is keeping up with you? Or delving into the cultural offerings of Berlin – one of the coolest destinations to visit in 2019. If you are put off by the effort of planning the trip, let a company like Waynabox take care of everything for you!

Wild weekend with friends:

You can’t be the only single person in your group of friends. Nowadays relationships tend to be shorter, and having a partner is as common as not having one. Why not get in touch with your recently-single friends and see how they feel about a wild weekend? Going out, making off-the-cuff decisions and building bonds – remind yourself of everything that you do have!

Not doing anything special:

Nobody is forcing you to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If all you fancy doing is blasting through a box-set and snuggling up on the sofa, nobody is going to stop you. Remember that when you get a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll need to agree on what to watch and what to eat – make the most of being able to decide everything yourself!


Try a new approach:

There are two reasons for why you’re single: either you haven’t found the perfect partner yet, or you are what is known as “neo-single”. If you fit into the latter category, it’s because you’ve decided to prioritise your personal and professional wellbeing over having a partner, and we can only applaud this. But if you’re still looking for a partner, we’ve got a tip for you. Don’t be desperate in your search for your soulmate, but put some effort in. These days, whether you like it or not, love is often found online. Give that app that you’ve never tried before a chance and create an honest profile for yourself. Don’t be afraid of saying what you don’t want, as this will save both of you time.

And remember, whatever you end up deciding to do this Valentine’s Day…love yourself!


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