Visit the world weirdest museums


 When planning a trip, culture is often one of the most important factors when deciding on a destination.  The traditional option is to choose one of the many art museums located around the globe. But if you are tired of paintings, grand artworks and sculptures, perhaps you might want to visit something a little more original…

We have compiled a list of the weirdest museums in the world.

  • The Hair Museum:

    This museum can be found in Avanos, in the region of Cappadocia. They say that the museum owner started the collection casually. He asked a female friend who was leaving the city if he could have a lock of her hair as a souvenir. He told other women the anecdote, and they, in turn, gave him their own locks of hair. His collection has now reached 16,000 locks. The owner of the museum, whose name is Galip Koruku, decided to put all of them on display in a kind of cave next to his workshop, with the identity of the owner on display next to each lock of hair. The museum is in dubious taste, but it nevertheless continues to receive locks of hair from the tourists who visit it.


  • The Mummy Museum:

    It goes without saying that mummies produce a strange mixture of fascination and awe, so imagine a museum with a collection of 111 mummies, including men, women and children. The museum can be found in the Santa Paula Pantheon in Guanajuato, Mexico. The mummies are bodies that were exhumed in 1865 due to a new government tax aimed at tackling the lack of space in the local cemetery. Family members of the dead who could not pay this fee saw their relatives removed from the cemetery, and many of them were still in very good condition due to the extremely dry land where they had been buried.


  • The National Museum of Crime and Punishment:

    This museum is located in Washington, and it features a review of the history of crime in the United States from the Middle Ages onwards. In addition to its unusual theme, the museum invites the public to participate in a number of interactive activities.

Museum visitors can play at being policemen and catching the “bad guys”, or they can     take on the role of a CSI and discover the tools used by these investigators. You can also    see historical means of criminal punishment, like the guillotine, or more modern death  penalty techniques, such as the electric chair.


  • The Museum of Bad Art:

    This museum’s slogan is as funny as it is accurate: art too bad to be ignored. That describes the contents of MOBA, which displays works of art that are eye-catching in their ‘ugliness’. The idea for the museum arose in 1994 when an antiquarian found a painting that clumsily showed a lady walking through a field. It was named ‘Lucy in the field with flowers’ and was the founding piece of this exhibition.


-The Perfume Museum:

This museum can be found in the Principality of Andorra and displays the history of the world through aromas. The museum includes a multimedia tour that allows you to experience the smells of different people and relive special moments through a range of 36,000 scents. The Perfume Museum invites you to discover the history of Andorra, and the world in general, through perfume. You can also find out how fragrances have set the tone throughout history.


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