Europe on rails: how to enjoy its biggest cities

Viajar en tren por Europa

Travelling around Europe is one of the most authentic, enriching and fun things that you can experience.

Regardless of whether you choose to travel for one week, a few days or a couple of months, we’re sure that you’ll want to make the most of your time and visit as many places as possible. And what is the best way to get around Europe? By train! Not only because of the speed of travel, but also because of what you see from your window during the journey.

Aboard Rail Europe

Rail Europe Inc is the largest distributor of train journeys in Europe, boasting a broad portfolio of options for travelling by train or bus, including tourist passes, hotel packages and many other intriguing possibilities.

This company’s ongoing success has led to a constant opening of new routes and lines, with them even developing an app and a website which allow you to reserve your trips and learn about what your destinations have to offer at the click of a mouse.

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The famous Central Europe Triangle Pass

One of the best ways to explore the most popular cities in Central Europe is by purchasing the Central Europe Triangle Pass. One single ticket allows you to travel in a second-class carriage between Prague, Vienna and Budapest or Salzburg, Vienna and Prague.

All you need to do is choose one of these two itineraries, select your starting point, and you’re all set! Now all that remains is to explore these magical locations.

Travel through time

The Eurail Austria-Germany Pass is like a time machine, owing to the cutting-edge features of the 21st century rail system. This adventure will take you to Munich, Vienna, Berlin and Salzburg at the pace of your choice.

Another huge advantage offered by this route is unlimited journeys on the national rail networks in Germany and Austria. All you need to do is choose from 5 to 10 travel days within a period of two months to make the most of these benefits.

Discover everything Prague has to offer

By travelling by train and exploring Prague at your own pace, you’ll be able to enjoy the Czech Republic’s capital city to the maximum.

As soon as you step foot in the main train station, you’ll be struck by Prague’s famous gothic architecture. This station is located very close to Wenceslas Square.

This route will allow you to visit many places with incredible designs, statues, castles and other Baroque-style buildings.

When in Prague, the Prague Welcome Card gives you greater access to examples of art nouveau and avant-garde designs. This card grants you 3 days of unlimited journeys on the city’s public transport networks – not just trains, but also buses and the metro network, including the Petrin Hill funicular.

This card gives you free access to over 30 touristic and historical sites and entitles you to discounts on guided tours, theatre and concert tickets and access to nightclubs.

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Overnight travel

Night trains allow you to make the most of your time, as travelling by night means you’ll save time during the day for exploring new places, and you’ll also save money that you would otherwise have spent on hotels.

The most popular train is the City Night Line, which links Switzerland to Germany and other neighbouring destinations such as Munich, Zurich, Berlin and Rome. You should book your overnight journey in advance, as this will allow you to make the most of the discounts offered by some passes.

We promise that you’ll sleep like a baby during your overnight journey to Switzerland, Germany or Italy, and are sure that you’ll love the luxury compartments with reclining seats for up to 6 passengers.

Now you know how to make the most out of Europe’s train network and its wonderful routes!

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