Best spas to start the year


Starting the year and returning to work after a great holiday doesn’t have to be stressful, here we recommend the best spa to help you begin the year relaxed, balanced and ready to face 2019.

In times of spas and hydromassages, the Temazcal ritual – a kind of millennial spa – continues to attract a multitude of followers in Mexico, although more and more tourists from all over the world are being drawn to this unique experience to restore the body and soul.

This Mexican tradition symbolises gestation in the womb and remains very popular to this today with a huge fan base.

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Become part of this experience which is intimately linked to nature stimulates circulation, accelerates your heart rate and awakens the lymphatic system. Once the temperature rises to about 40ºC, your skin acts as a “third kidney” and releases large amounts of toxins. Apparently, every litre of sweat lost in a temazcal equals a full day’s work by the kidneys.

Experiencing this journey to reconnect takes on a special significance at Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel*****GL, which has its own Temazcal, built according to tradition, and is available as an included service for all guests staying at the hotel. The Temazcal is located in the vicinity of a mystical Mayan Cenote and can accommodate up to 12 people at a time.

The ritual takes place in igloo-shaped rooms called “toritos,” representing the womb of Mother Earth. It is her and her four elements: earth, water, air and fire, whom the Aztecs gave thanks in the first Temazcal ritual.

In the past, the temazcal was primarily based on religious and spiritual beliefs. Today, it’s available to anyone who is interested, and experiencing it, symbolises a before and after in the person, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual. Although the ritual always follows the same steps, each time is a new experience.

The Temazcal is one of the services offered within the hotel’s SPA which features a wide range of wellness treatments including special rituals, body and facial treatments and wraps.

All of them perfectly fulfil one of the hotel’s objectives which is to provide its guests with relaxing and rejuvenating experiences during their stay.

An accommodation option where rejuvenation is guaranteed, thanks to its construction along peaceful river waterways that are fed by a mystical Mayan Cenote in front of the Caribbean Sea.

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If you go into the fully equipped SPA and wellness centre, you can enjoy different experiences based on ancient traditions such as the Egyptian Skin ritual that mixes massages with hydration to free yourself from stress or the Oriental Holistic treatment that transports you to the far east with exotic aromas.

Using only the finest materials is another characteristic of the treatments that guests take pleasure in at Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel*****GL. One example is the  Gold Wrap treatment that covers your body with a nourishing, golden layer to rejuvenate your skin. The Silk Wrap is another treatment with surprising sensuality that includes an exotic massage with obsidian crystal stones.

When it comes to choosing a destination like Riviera Maya, people are often concerned about how so many hours of sunshine will affect their skin, well, Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique Hotel*****GL has got you covered.

The hotel offers the perfect treatment to prepare your skin for the perfect tan. The Before-Sun Tan Activator will leave your skin hydrated and ready for some somebathing thanks to the natural tan activator.

Then, after the day at the beach, you have the After Sun Body Balm, a rebalancing and moisturising balsam body wrap to help you chill out and relax and leave you with a feeling of renewal and ready for the many nightime entertainment options on offer in the Riviera Maya.

Visiting the SPA at Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique SPA*****GL is an unforgettable experience, where the team of professionals will make all your wishes come true. Remember, pampering yourself is also a part of your vacations.

An aromatherapist is at hand to offer a combination of aromatherapy with hand, elbow and forearm contact to massage areas of your body and leave you feeling totally relaxed.

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You could also opt for one of the facial treatments. Let’s face it, we’ve all noticed our skin change as we get older. The anti-ageing facial treatment treats wrinkles and expression lines with a procedure that neutralises dermo-contractions and fills in the microfragments with collagen to leave you with a more youthful complexion.

And if you’re are wondering how to return to the routine after visiting this paradise, we recommend some yoga session to unblock your charras, enhance your physical wellbeing and gradually reconnect you with the real world.

As you can see, if you really want to recharge your batteries, put aside your worries and let yourself be carried away by the hotel’s professionals, who will make you feel in full contact with nature, we remind you of the importance of returning to it on a regular basis. Enjoy the millenary wisdom without renouncing any modern comfort or your daily routine.

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